Download VoomVoom APK for Android

Download VoomVoom APK for Android

Description of VoomVoom

**** You should start this app before driving your car ***

Turn your car into an exotic car as you drive.
Voom Voom, is an application which allows you to enjoy the powerful experience of driving a sports car, by simulating the engine sound of the vehicle you chose.

You can chose between supercars, muscle cars, and more.

Plug your device to your car’s audio system, using aux cable or bluetooth , and you are ready to go…

VoomVoom, uses your device sensors (Accelerometers and GPS), in order to provide you a realistic sound, while matching your real time driving.
Effects like Acceleration, Backfire, Gear Shift, Kick Down will be activated Automatically according to your driving.

List of sports cars you can simulate with VoomVoom:
Alfa Romeo 4C
Porsche 911
Agera Koenigsegg
Dodge Challenger
Aston Martin DB9
Lamborghini Huracan
Lamborghini Spyder

And more to come…

Voom Voom provides two FREE sports cars engine, and others can be purchased, while you have to ability to collect gold coins in exchange to your mileage and in return other sports cars will be opened.


**** You should start this app before driving your car ***
– Driver instruction by voice
– Earn more golds – get 5 golds – by sharing the app –
– Hot Switch between cars
– Bug Fixes

– Check our new Feedback!
– Set Weekly and Daily Bluetooth reminder
– Set a daily reminder for your next drive.
– Demo mode
– Engine Sound Control: Volume, Bass, Mid and High
– Shop: Buy coins for your favorite cars and skins
– Gold-Board: View your current distance and level